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My Head Is In The Clouds

Decorative Type Illustration

© Jordan Manigo 2013

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Client: Lovelorn Records

Job: Brand Identity

Lovelorn Records, is a small digital hip hop label in South Carolina. The brand collateral that I’ve created utilizes aspects of grafitti art, Russian constructivism, and spiritual symbolis to express the strong working class aesthetic, social consciousness, and spirituality, present in each artist’s music. The logotype is hand drawn and is meant to be read phonetically- type as an image - a symbol of strength and mason-like craftsmanship, that supersedes the spelling.  

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Client: Anderson Griggs Investments
Job: Corporate Mark

Client: Anderson Griggs Investments

Job: Corporate Mark

Client: Altitude Salvation Logo

Job: Corporate mark

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The 2011 Tōhoku Earthquake and Tsunami was a 9.0-magnitude undersea mega-thrust earthquake off the coast of Japan that occurred on Friday 11 March 2011. I made these posters to represent the support, and the respect I have for the nation of Japan. 



18 x 24

Mixed Media

The birds symbolize Peace, Freedom and Longevity for different cultures all over the world. In this poster, they represent the wishes of millions of ppl from different cultural backgrounds all over the world, that Japan overcomes this tragedy. It represents our communal support and prayers. The white birds flying through the sun imply the earthquake itself, memorializing those who died, and also serving as a reminder if the event itself. 

1st Row: Longevity
2nd Row: Japan


Gamers Support Japan

18 x 24 


I’m a gamer, lover of japanese anime, and art. So I wanted to make a secondary poster that represents my love for the culture and the great video games the Japanese produce. Sum of the greatest game designers in the world come out of Japan; they make video games into masterpieces. Super Mario is one of the most recognizable Japanese video game franchises in the world, so I decided to use the “Power Up / 1up” mushroom. In the game Mario uses the power up mushroom to grow larger and stronger, and the 1up mushroom to gain an extra life. In my poster design it symbolizes life and the strength I hope that the ppl of japan continue to have in their great country.

1st Row: Life
2nd Row: Japan

© Jordan Manigo/Yarad 2011

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This is a Linux Rebranding / Progressive Ad Campaign that I designed as part of my senior seminarin college. The concept of the progressive advertisement is growth.  Linux is completely customizable from the ground up. I want people to know three things:

NUMBER ONE  //  Linux OS belongs to them, the user, and that every Linux OS user is part of a community that depends on one another for sustenance.

NUMBER TWO  //  The limitations of Linux are determined by the individual’s creativity and ingenuity. 

NUMBER THREE  //  The Linux kernnel is only as strong as the user community that nurtures its growth as a reliable brand of computing software.

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